Fundacion Musica Abierta

Fundacion Musica Abierta

The Foundation

The Open Music Foundation was established in February 2009 in the town of Urueña (Valladolid). With a specific focus on music and disability as its two major concerns, the Foundation was set up with the goal of promoting the musical involvement by people with physical, cognitive or sensory impairments. Due to their limitations, some of these people are prevented from playing a musical instrument, dancing or enjoying musical creation. Music is a cultural asset which must be made accessible to all individuals so that they take advantage of its full benefits in the fields of education, therapy, emocional regulation and improvement of social relations.


31 March 2017



Our Address

Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia (Indonesian Classical Music Foundation)
Ananda Sukarlan Center for Music & Dance

  ITC Fatmawati
Jl. RS Fatmawati, Kompleks Duta Mas Blok A1 no. 11
Jakarta 12150
  +62-21 7237285
  +62-21 7222055

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