Karini Nugroho

karini_nugrohoAfter graduated from Law School of the University of Indonesia, Karini worked in Central for Legal Studies and was involved in law research in Indonesia and the United States. Following years of research, she started legal practice in law firms and public listed companies.  In 2004, she and some of her colleagues established a corporate law firm, Wahyu Nugroho Legal Practice, in which she is now an advisor.

She is also a director of PT Srinata Mahajati Corpora, a holding company.  Besides corporate field, she engages in some social and cultural activities.  She is a member of the Supervisory Board and teacher in Sekar Pramita Foundation, a non-profit foundation which provides free schooling and scholarship for under-privileged children.  As a music enthusiast, she appreciates and enjoys various music genres, especially classical and jazz.  She is currently a member of the Executive Board of Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia.

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